Hovastak Law Office Can Help You Obtain Legal Rights to Your Children

Successfully establishing fathers rights in Georgia

Suzanne M. Hovastak has handled numerous cases involving fathers rights. Gone are the notions that good parenting is based on gender. We understand that you want to be a part of your children’s lives and to parent your children. We provide men in Georgia with competent and knowledgeable representation in establishing paternity and seeking custody and/or visitation rights with their children. Let Suzanne help you establish your rights as a father. She has advocated for many fathers and won their petitions for primary custody, even for young daughters.

Proving paternity and fighting for your position as a father

If you were not married to your child’s mother at the beginning of the pregnancy or at the birth of the child, you are not recognized under Georgia law as the legal father until you petition the court to be recognized as such. If you signed an Acknowledgement of Paternity at your child’s birth, it merely establishes that you are the biological father and validates your obligation to pay child support. Let Suzanne’s experience representing fathers, help you obtain custodial rights and/or visitation with your child.

Helping you legitimate your children in Georgia

If you and your children’s mother are not married and were never married, you may want to seek legitimation of your children. This legal step provides children with numerous rights, including:

  • Right to inherit from their father
  • Right to be placed in their father’s home if their mother cannot care for them
  • Legal proof of each parent’s identity
  • Information about the father’s family medical history
  • Insurance for either parent
  • Financial support from both parents

Similar to divorce matters involving children, Suzanne M. Hovastak fights for your custodial rights, including a father’s legal rights to issues regarding his children’s education, religion, health and extracurricular activities. Suzann can help you determine whether you should seek physical or shared custody of your children. At a minimum, we fight for a visitation schedule that allows you to spend time with your children. Do not let another minute go by without having your children legally recognized as your own.