Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Divorce and family law cases are among the most stressful and emotional experiences a person can have in life. Approximately 40% of American marriages end in divorce, so if you’re coming to see us, there’s a good chance you need to talk about issues relating to the present or future dissolution of your marriage.

Divorces can be much more complicated than they may at first appear. You need someone who can guide you through the complex property and debt division, parenting time and child support issues, retirement accounts, college funding, and more, and leave you feeling safe and your interests secure. Even couples who are on “good terms” still require the assistance of an experience legal professional to guide them through the divorce process.

Our Georgia and Oklahoma family law firm handles a variety of divorce and family law issues including:

  • Contested Divorce
  • UnContested Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Property Division
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Parenting Visitation
  • Paternity
  • Modifications
  • Adoptions

Dealing with difficult, personal and emotional matters is not something we take lightly. Hovastak Law Office attorneys will always keep you informed and be sure you are comfortable with the process involved. Our lawyers will take the time to understand your case and make sure you don’t feel lost in the legal system. Our lawyers strive to provide timely responses and effective communication to all of our clients

Let us help you find the right solutions for the immediate problems, and develop a strategy to protect your financial future.