Suzanne M. Hovastak, Esq.

Suzanne M. Hovastak is the daughter of retired Air Force Colonel Michael W. Hovastak.  She and her siblings moved frequently during childhood and she understand the complexities that often arise during change.

Suzanne graduated from the University of Georgia and has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Berry College in Rome, Georgia.  Suzanne taught elementary school for six (6) years prior to going to law school.  Her teaching background offers her a unique insight into custody disputes and  allows her to fully participate with educators during discovery and provides her with realistic guidelines and helps manage expectations when setting parenting schedules as they pertain to the school year.

Suzanne graduated from Georgia State University College of Law in the Top 10% of her Class.  Suzanne was awarded a Graduate Research Assistant position with Professor Paul Milich, specializing in evidence, Georgia contract law and trial procedure.  Additionally, Suzanne was awarded a Graduate Research Assistant with the GSU College of Law Consortium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.  The Consortium is dedicated to the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge about conflict prevention, management, and resolution. Specifically, Suzanne assisted with CRiSP — the Conflict Resolution in Schools Program.  The Consortium’s Conflict Resolution in Schools Program (CRiSP) examines the institutionalization of conflict resolution education in K-12 schools. CRiSP was initiated in 1998 as a service-learning pilot engaging university students to teach conflict resolution to students in the Atlanta Public Schools. The pilot was completed in 2001, and CRiSP moved to its current research phase that focuses primarily on the state of law and policy – both state and federal – and how it affects the institutionalization of conflict resolution education in K-12 schools.  The CRiSP database provides a state-by-state summary of legislation on conflict resolution education and related issues, such as bullying.

Suanne attended the Summer Academy in International Commercial Arbitration based in Linz, Austria visiting courts in Vienna; Salzburg, Austria; Budapest; Venice, Italy; Prague, Czech Republic; and Passau, Germany.  She completed two specialized seminars in international commercial arbitration, which is the predominant method of dispute resolution in international trade transactions. The program’s outstanding faculty members are drawn from Europe and the United States, and include senior officers of important arbitration courts in central Europe.

Suzanne is an approved Guardian ad Litem (GAL) in many Metro Atlanta.  Frequently, the Courts seek the assistance of a (GAL) in high conflict custody cases to advocate for the best interest of the children involved. Suzanne has received specialized training to identify the best interests of the child She conducts thorough investigations and provides recommendations to the Court about the best course of action.  Often, the recommendation made by a GAL, and sometimes the active involvement of the GAL in negotiations between parties, encourages resolution well before the matter has to go to trial. Even if it does not, and the matter has to go to trial, the recommendation of the GAL promotes a prompt, effective and efficient outcome for the Court and for the parents, and, most importantly, gives a much-needed resolution to children torn between two homes.

Suzanne was admitted to the Oklahoma Bar in 2013.  She handles family law issues, probate, and tornado –related insurance claims.  Suzanne has been appointed as a legal guardian and has the capacity in Oklahoma to care for the personal and property interests of another person in three situations: guardianship for an incapacitated senior (due to old age or infirmity), guardianship for a minor, and guardianship for developmentally disabled adults.

Suzanne, her husband Tyger and their daughter are avid UGA Bulldog fans, enjoy traveling, fishing, cooking and have a long-standing tradition of Friday Family Fun Night.